"Well," by Lisa Kron, and starring Sarah Rudinoff, is at the Seattle Rep.  This wonderful play - "a one woman show that stars other people in it, too"- explores the essential question: Why do some people get sick and others remain well?  Kron focuses on a time in her youth spent in an allergy clinic, and also on her chronically ill mother, who also happened to play a major role in creating a racially integrated neighborhood in the '60's and '70's.  Some of us focus on integrating whole neighborhoods, and others focus on integrating the disparate parts of ourselves.  Some of us carry around our bodies like an old coat we forgot we were wearing; some of us gain power and stand in a powerful, strong-thighed stance in the center of a stage with a light shining down, circling in a determined, perseverating manner around a truth that is complicated, and like so many things - unique and the same for each of us - a combination of genetic codes, the chaos of cells, chemical sensitivity, cellular memory, myriad tiny daily choices for years on end,  family history,  and personal preference.  I've never seen anything like "Well" before and highly recommend it, to any thoughtful person interested in this topic, who has a sense of humor.  For example, her childhood tormentor shows up in her one woman show, despite her vocal protestations that she is not welcome there.  And keeps showing up -  to tremendous comic effect - unlike the other things that can keep showing up unresolved for folks struggling with persistent, long-term health issues.



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